Chainlink Adapters

Consistently updated list of available and open-sourced Chainlink external adapters.

Mon, 30 Jul 2018

External Adapters

External adapters are what make Chainlink easily extensible, providing simple integration of custom computations and specialized APIs. A Chainlink node communicates with external adapters via a simple REST API. (src)

Types of adapters that can exist on Chainlink network

  1. Blockchain Adapters

    Bitcoin IOTA Hyperledger IPFS

  2. Financial Adapters

    Stock price feeds Interest rates, LIBOR, and other financial rates Trigger external (off-chain) payments Industry-Specific Adapters

  3. Weather

    Sports results Political/Voting results Shipping/Package tracking IoT/RFID/Sensor results

  4. Miscellaneous Adapters

    Data manipulation XML Email notifications SMS notifications General serverless Order a pizza

List of currently available Chainlink external adapters.

There aren’t too many implemented adapters that you can get your hands on right now, except the ones created by the Linkpool and Team.

Asset Price Adapter

External Adapter for Chainlink which aggregates prices of crypto assets from multiple exchanges based on a weighted average of their volume.

XML -> JSON Adapter

This adapter allows for converting of XML API’s into JSON. This allows ChainLink nodes to use API’s which use XML as a markup. It’s built in Go using go-json-rest.

Iota Adapter

Iota adapter for Chainlink that currently supports the following IOTA API queries:

broadcastAndStore findTransactionObjects getTransactionsObjects getAccountData getNodeInfo sendTrytes

CryptoCompare External Adapter

Adapter to get data from Built to be deployed on GCP Cloud Functions or AWS Lambda.

CoinMarketCap External Adapter

Adapter to get data from the API, both free and paid. Built to be instantly deployed on GCP Cloud Functions or AWS Lambda.

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